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Musical Artists Need To Know More About Files

Most artists have problems with bulk editing, renaming, technical analysis, file presentation and reformatting for distribution. This process can be dramatically differnet depending on the genre. The smart artists are the smartest technicians. Take the musician for instance. In a single session, the promoter's staff can produce hundreds of files. These files can influence distribution such a case could be when a record executive calls and asks for a non-native recording format. The switch is made away from MP3. The first results are terrible. Typically his staff would spend hours modifying the work to adjust it to the new format. The executive needs an usual format immediately. This is an example of issues artists face daily. Most visual artists keep works of art in one format. Each visual format has specific characteristics of its medium. This is why you need the ability to manage file archives with bulk change tools. The promoter needs on file from 4000 on his computer. His staff is desperately trying to find cut 349 on a computer clogged with information. The ability to sing is only one characteristic among many that determines your musical achievement. Many times a career can hinge on technical skills. How well organized is the recording organization? Tools like FileTagSleuth are critical to the art community. Desktop organization tools are essential to getting your artistic work noticed. Many artists have no idea how important it is to save a good record session. Keeping a clean drive makes selling content easier. Recording artists deal with MP3 issues constantly. The average recording artist will create hundreds of audios looking for the perfect sound, while few give thought to all the poorer audios that do nothing but make it harder to find that perfect session again. Deleting bad files is critical to keeping your work area clean.. Throwing away material is not recommended in any artistic venture. Old performances can help you build new opportunities. The ability to export EXIF Viewer file information into various formats is also critical. Artists don't have to be bothered by typical file issues. Copyright information is crucial. This is essential if you get a lot of audio sample or photos from the public domain. Tools that read these tags can unlock embedded information to verify copyright information. You could be sucked into a lawsuit without reviewing this data.

Poor file management results in lost data and opportunities. Simply keeping up with technology is a challenge, much less tapping more advanced tools. Make sure you keep bulk editing and renaming in the back of your mind. When the chance at glory comes, you must reach out and grab it. The modern artist must remember that tons of information are encoded into files today. Tools with EXIF Viewer capabilities and the ability to view MP3 tags give the user the capability to find out the digital origin of art works. This is essential to your long-term success.

Artist Kills 9,000 Butterflies For Exhibition (Vibe)

Artist Damien Hirst has several animal rights organizations up in arms after
clipping the wings of over 9,000 butterflies for an art exhibition.

Hirst, known for his controversial animal art including a formaldehyde-soaked
shark and a decapitated cow head, held an exhibition at the Tate Modern in
London with two windowless rooms swirling with the winged creatures. The
piece, titled In And Out Of Love, did not make the hearts of animal rights
activists flutter as numbers reveal that almost 400 died every seven days
during the 23-week showcase.

Now the artist is beefing with the RSPCA. “In this so-called 'art exhibition’,
butterflies are forced to exist in the artificial environment of a closed room
for their entire lives," a spokesman for the RSPCA told The Telegraph. “There
would be national outcry if the exhibition involved any other animal, such as
a dog. Just because it is butterflies, that does not mean they do not deserve
to be treated with kindness.”

In his defense, a Tate rep says, " “The butterflies used in this [Hirst] work
were all sourced from reputable UK butterfly houses and were selected from
varieties known to thrive in the conditions created.

“The ...


Modern Artist

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In Our Time: The Museum of Modern Art

Frequently Asked Questions...

Country fans: What your favorite duet that's performed by one modern country artist and one classic artist?

At this time, I think the Brad Paisley-Buck Owens duet, "Come On In," is my favorite that has a classic artist and a modern artist.

How about you?
So far, the two who have answered have not answered the question that was asked. The duet must be by a MODERN COUNTRY ARTIST along with a CLASSIC COUNTRY ARTIST--not a modern country artist with a rock act and not just a modern country artist alone!
Soldier4Christ82: Unfortunately, I don't think he did sing on "8th of November," but it is a great song!
2 Old 2 RocknRoll 2 Jung 2 Die: Perkins and Clapton--two great guitarists! I have to look that song up now!
j-man: I can't believe that I forgot about "Beer For My Horses!"

Best Answer...


Beer Run- Garth Brooks & George Jones

Politically Uncorrect- Gretchen Wilson & Merle Haggard This one is my favorite.

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